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At Heel.Sit. we do training differently. We use positive enforcement and management to shape our dogs behavior and get the best results. We don't just run through basic obedience commands, but work to create confident thinking dogs with great focus for their jobs and their people.

Private Zoom Sessions

We do training different at Heel.Sit. Thanks to Covid 19 we have discovered the huge benefit of virtual sessions in dog training. 

Doing your sessions in the comfort of your own home allows you to gain some basic skills before asking your dog to deal with the stress of a new environment. It also allows us as trainers to see how your dog functions in its real life at home.

We are no longer requiring clients to start training virtually. It is still a valid and useful option though and

if you purchase a 8 session package you can mix those however you like.

30 min: $30.00

Four 30 min: $100.00

Eight 30 min: $160

Private Sessions

Working your dog at Heel.Sit. will add new challenges and distractions to over come. We can also utilize the Heel.Sit. dogs to start working on building appropriate social skills, practice patio manners on the Heel.Sit. Patio, and introduce some basic trick training.

We also offer intro to rally obedience, intro to agility, and frisbee basics. 

For in person training we need recent vaccinations.


30 min: $30.00

Four 30 min: $100.00

Eight 30 min: $160

In Home Sessions

We are once again pausing in home sessions. We will resume them as soon as we can. In home sessions can be done at your home or we can meet in public spaces such as parks or even patios. 

In home sessions are great for working on specific issues in your dogs every day environment. They can also be great for dogs who are easily distracted or too excited to work in a new space.  It also offers a chance to develop specific management solutions to stop problem behaviors or set your new dog up for success.

The higher cost for in home session accounts for our travel time and gas mileage. We will still work with you to mix these sessions in with any virtual or private sessions at our location.

30 min: $45.00

Four 30 min: $140.00

Eight 30 min: $220

Group Classes

Our group classes are meant to be a test of the skills you have learned so far in a fun and social environment.


Group classes are drop in and feature a variety of challenges that give you a chance to use your new skills you have in different settings.

Come as you can and pay as you go or purchase a punch card that is good for any of our group classes, pack walks, training demos, play dates and other events we may hold.

Class: $15.00

Five Classes: $50.00

20 Class Punch Card: $100


We also offer daycare with training. On top of all of the benefits that daycare provides, your dog will get three private training sessions while they are here. These sessions can cover a myriad of things and are designed to help with overall behavior at home. Starting this fall day training will also include daily outings where we work on social manners out in the real world. This may be a walk or a store visit or just sitting somewhere patiently. 

One Day: $60.00

Five Days: $250.00

Ten Days: $450.00

Board and Train

We also offer a more traditional board and train option where your dog stays with us for a week and is fully immersed in our program. While here they will partake in daycare, have several training sessions throughout the day to work on any issues you request and they also get the benefit of a daily outing to start building skills out in the real world. 

Board and train also comes with on follow up private session.

One Week: $400.00

Two Weeks: $675.00

Three Weeks: $975


Heel.Sit. isn't just a kennel, we are a social environment for dogs and playtime is always included. We strive to reduce the stress of our visitors by allowing them ample time to interact with us and each other.

We only take up to 10 dogs at a time for boarding because we have found that it makes for a quieter more relaxed overnight experience. We work hard to make sure that when it is time to rest everyone is ready for a nap. We don't believe in charging extra for enrichment activities. Your dog will get all of the cuddles and treats they deserve while you are gone. 

Not all dogs are going to be comfortable in this type environment which is why we are now limiting our guests to only dogs that do well in a social atmosphere. We feel it isn't fair to have to keep some dogs separate from the fun and there are plenty of other places that are better equipped to keep dogs separated. Socially awkward dogs are still welcome. We love a bit of a challenge, but not dog aggressive dogs please.

Boarding is $25 a night. $15 for each additional dog.

All your dog needs for a stay with us is their food. We provide bowls, bedding, and toys

All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations

Drop off and Pick up times are Monday through Friday 6:30am to 9:30 am or

3:30pm to 5:30pm or by appointment only.

Weekend drop off and pick up are available but by appointment only.



We offer a great daycare program that allows dogs to socialize and learn through out the day. Dogs are slowly integrated into group play in our large outdoor yard where they can explore our play equipment, run freely, and enjoy the company of other dogs. On bad weather days we have a large indoor playroom and the breakroom which is full of comfy couches and chairs for lounging with bones or toys we provide.


During the day we work on kennel training which is vital to keep stress levels low. Dogs are kenneled twice during the day for rests which are important to keep everyone in good spirits. We schedule rest times around the dogs for the most part. We also work on basic manners and appropriate play.

Daycare is Monday through Friday


Daycare drop off time is 6:30am to 9:30am

On Wednesdays and Fridays I do leave briefly at 7:15am to pick up the kids.

Daycare pick up time is 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Daycare prices for one dog:

One Day: $20

Five Days: $85

Ten Days: $150

Daycare prices for additional dogs:

One Day: $15

Five Days: $65

Ten Days: $100

Current Clients are locked in at a loyalty rate. So these prices may not pertain to you. 

All dogs must show proof of current vaccinations



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Text is preferred. Between the dogs here and the kids it is hard to answer the phone and focus.