We use positive enforcement and management to shape our dogs behavior and get the best results. We don't just run through basic obedience commands, but work to create confident thinking dogs with great focus for their jobs and their people.

 We offer a variety of learning options to meet your goals.

Zoom sessions which are beneficial for dogs who are very fearful or easily distracted. 

30 min: $30.00

Four 30 min: $100.00

Eight 30 min: $160

Private sessions at the kennel work well for most dogs.

30 min: $40.00

Four 30 min: $120.00

Eight 30 min: $200.00

In home sessions are great for tackling specific problems you have in your home or we can meet in public to practice social situations.

30 min: $50.00

Four 30 min: $180.00

Eight 30 min: $320.00

Board and Learn

We offer a board and learn option where your dog stays with us for a week for a behavior reset. While here they will partake in daycare, have several training sessions throughout the day to work on any issues you request, and benefit from our management routine.

Board and train also comes with on follow up private session.

One Week: $490.00

Two Weeks: $770.00

Three Weeks: $1050

Daycare and Learn

We also offer daycare learning options.

On top of all of the benefits that daycare provides, your dog will get three training sessions while they are here. These sessions can cover a myriad of things and are designed

to help with overall behavior at home. 

One Day: $60.00

Five Days: $250.00

Ten Days: $350